research experience

This summer, I will be conducting research in improving autonomous dialogue agents using deep learning. Primarily, I will be building our Python-based chatbot infastructure, constructing better corpuses/datasets (i.e. web scraping) to train our deep learning model on and devising methods of quantitatively evaluating our dialogue system (e.g. Mechanical Turk).

In 2016, I published a conference paper in the 2016 SPIE Defense journal and presented a talk on the cloud architecture I helped design for the online processing of sensor data from autonomous vehicles with applications for abstracting computation for mobile applications.

I've previously volunteered at McMaster University under Professor Jamal Deen and Dr. Thamarasa, assisting in data analysis using D3.js and Javascript. In addition, I helped write scripts to speed up instantiation of EC2 instances for analyzing tracker data.