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Research Projects

Natural Language Processing

I am an undergraduate researcher working in Professor Chris Callison-Burch's lab. My research interests include applying deep learning techniques to natural language processing problems, specifically in the domain of information extraction and dialogue systems. I have publications in the ACL anthology and NAACL for the area of dialogue systems.

My current research includes standardized evaluation for a variety of machine learning models.

Software Architecture

I published a conference paper in the 2016 SPIE Defense journal and presented a talk on the cloud architecture I helped design (online processing of autonomous vehicle sensor data). This architecture was later developed at Trackgen and deployed into production.

I've previously volunteered at McMaster University under Professor Jamal Deen and Dr. Thamarasa, assisting in data analysis using D3.js and Javascript. In addition, I helped write scripts to speed up instantiation of EC2 instances for analyzing tracker data.