my projects

Here are some of the software projects I've built/contributed to:

PennSDK > 10,000 users
Public API that congregates data from all over campus for other developers. Worked on integrating data on dining services (Python) and implemented token security.

ChatEval < 100 users
A scientific framework for uploading and running standardized evaluations of deep learning dialogue systems. Implemented CLI/Web UI and automatic evaluation system in Python (Django) with Docker API.

Phrase Similarity Visualizer < 10 users
Visualization tool to compare various methods of phrase similarity (i.e. string, lexical, semantic). Trained Word2Vec model to use an average-of-vectors semantic implementation.

elore < 100 users
An open source community devoted to sharing knowledge on software and computation. Built publication platform using Express and MongoDB.

crrntly < 10 users
A free minimalist kanban board for teams to use. Offers team updates on a member-by-member basis in real-time. Built using Node and MongoDB.

programjs < 10 contributors
A comprehensive and lightweight npm package of common data structures and algorithms to accelerate development in JavaScript.

crypt Under Development
A powerful account manager that generates unique anonymous emails and passwords when signing up for new online accounts. PennApps XV Best Security/Encryption Awards.