Things I Don’t Know

My 2019 Learning Goals for Computer Science

A lot of times, it can feel like writing a programming blog is an excuse to brag about the obscure computer science knowledge you have. So this entry, motivated by Dan Abramov’s blog post, is dedicated to highlighting the gaps in my knowledge and forecasting my focus for the year.

  1. Redux. I usually dabble in React for building frontends but I have 0 idea what Redux is used for (something about state? isn’t that the point of React? I’m clearly not a frontend guy).
  2. Reinforcement Learning. Ever since MIT published this paper on using reinforcement learning to play Super Smash Bros, I was absolutely blown away and I have decided that I will devote the rest of my life to both RL (and Smash Bros).
  3. Cython. This is a little embarrassing since I teach the Python course at Penn, but my only interactions with Cython are through high level packages like Tensorflow. Paradigms for compiling to a lower level language make Python the most OP language in my opinion.
  4. Pygame. I originally got into programming when I was a kid through game development and I like the idea of going full circle and working with games again. Will probably make this a homework assignment for CIS 192.
  5. Haskell. I really like OCaml and I believe that functional programming makes you a more civilized programmer. As somebody working in web development and machine learning, it’s rare that I’ll be able to work with Haskell professionally so I’m hoping I can work with it for fun!
  6. RSA. I wanna implement RSA in Python. I’m actually super fascinated by cryptography (even though I suck at algebra) and I loved Khan Academy’s series on the RSA algorithm. RSA is practically what makes internet security possible and I think that’s cool.
  7. Kubernetes. Just kidding. I’ll leave that to the pros.

I also wanna start blogging more consistently (this is my equivalent of going to the gym after New Years) this year and I might integrate a feedback button to my blog to see if people actually read my posts. So, if you made it here congrats!

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