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My name is Arun Kirubarajan. I'm a computer science student, but more importantly my favourite food is shawarma, my favourite movie is the Dark Knight and my favourite video game is Portal 2 . Feel free to email me at [email protected] to chat!


I'm currently enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence program at the University of Pennsylvania, where I am pursuing two coordinated degrees in computer science and cognitive science (hoping to do minors in Mathematics and Statistics). My research interests include deep learning, application security, and software architecture.

In high school, I also took computer science courses online through Harvard University's Extension School and I was a summer entrepreneurship fellow at MIT's Sloan School of Management through Launch.

Work Experience

Currently I am a software engineer at TrackGen and a research assistant at McMaster University. Previously a startup founder at MIT. Even more previously a volunteer instructor at a coding non-profit for children and women. Board member of a social entrepreneurship non-profit I founded.

Technical Skills


I write about the projects that I’ve worked on (how I contributed if a group effort, technical challenges etc.) and interesting efforts in the industry.

I also write crash courses on various topics in computer science, such as machine learning, software engineering, and security. I’ve been featured by organizations such as MIT and HackerNoon.


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