hi, my name is arun.

I'm an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence dual degree program, studying computer science and cognitive science (linguistics). Read my resume or reach me at kiruba@cis.upenn.edu.

This summer I will be researching natural language processing at Penn, using deep learning to improve dialogue agents under Professor Chris Callison-Burch. Last year, I worked on cloud infastructure for self-driving cars at an autonomous driving startup named Trackgen.

In addition to machine learning, I'm also active in web development with ES6 JavaScript and Python (this site was written in Django). As a software engineer at Penn Labs, I work on our public API as well as the PennSDK to help our developers create apps that over ten thousand students use.

Lately, I've been trying to make software engineering more approachable through elore, the open source education platform I co-founded at MIT.