hi, my name is Arun.

I'm an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence dual degree program, studying computer science and cognitive science (linguistics) with a minor in statistics from the Wharton School of Business. I'm also a TA and lecturer for CIS 192: Python Programming.

I am an undergraduate researcher working in Professor Chris Callison-Burch's lab. My research interests include applying deep learning techniques to natural language processing problems, specifically in the domain of information extraction and dialogue systems. I've published in the SPIE Defence Journal and 2IS&NLG (ACL anthology).

I currently consult with a variety of cloud companies for deep learning infrastructure solutions (both software engineering and technical writing). Some of my clients include Digital Ocean, Alibaba Cloud and TrackGen. I'm also the lead software engineer on the Platform Team at Penn Labs, scaling our services and their public APIs to tens of thousands of users.

Reach me at inquiries@kirubarajan.com.